• Cushion PROFIL'AIR

The PROFIL’AIR cushion is a telescopic inflatable cell cushion with eight endings at two different heights each ensuring optimal ventilation while conserving better distribution of support forces and improving blood flow, thus guaranteeing maximum comfort in a sitting position. Test pressure validated by the LNE.

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The PROFIL’AIR cushion has been recognized conform to mattress, mattress pad and preventive pressure ulcer cushions STAGE 1-4, assessment protocol requirements, according to tests made by the French Laboratory of metrology and testing (LNE).

Durable and Repairable and Fireproof, the PROFIL’AIR made from Neolatex Rubber materials. Easy to wash with soft soap with air drying and washable with Autoclave system, max to 10 min. The PROFIL’AIR provided large choice to select sizes and references , 9 references, 2 cell heights 5 and 7 cm, 2 versions (mono or bi compartments) and possibility to custom order size in case of seriously. 

The PROFIL’AIR can be patient load max weight up to 120 kg. Guaranteed 3 years.

Made in FRANCE


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